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Packing List for a Self Drive in Uganda Trip

Consider your packing list for a Uganda self drive tour very critical because this is entirely a road trip. A self drive is absolutely the best way to discover Uganda at your own time but what you pack does matter a lot. For starters, the most essential items should be a must in your packing list.

Packing List for a Self Drive in UgandaA self drive in Uganda is more of adventure and it comes with scenic drive in the different spectacular sites and various camping opportunities. Because of this, you shouldn’t think that what you ought to do is only pack anything after securing that dream car for your road trip otherwise your journey will involve many inconveniences. To help you get the best of your adventure in Uganda, below are essentials to consider in your packing list for a self drive Uganda.

Google maps

Google maps should be a must to include in your packing list for a self drive in Uganda. Self drives are never ordinary experiences but rather involve you discovering new destinations or site by yourself unlike guided safaris. Because of the nature of this experience, Google maps play a significant role especially in identifying areas where you are heading. With self drives, you become a guide of yourself and to ease your access to tourist destinations of your choice, spare time and download Google map if you do not find one at a car hire agency.

GPS Navigation

When you think of embarking on self drive safari in Uganda, be mindful that you are a guide yourself and to be on safe side, GPS (Global Positioning System) should be a must to have. You can hire one at a respective car rental agency or company you will be dealing with or you can be given one at a free cost depending on the car hire agency. The GPS unit helps you find direction and at end, simplify your navigation process in new destinations.

Emergency car kit

Your emergency car kit plays a significant role while on self drive Uganda and should have jumper cables, gloves, rope, flares and others.

Insect repellent

Insect repellent is one essential requirement not to miss out in your packing list for self drive in Uganda. The fact that this experience involves exploring new destinations higher chances are that you will encounter some biting insects and the best to protect yourself is to have insect repellent-preferably DEET. This is essential especially for visitors who plan to embark on night game drives, hiking/nature walks, camping and others.

Camera and extra batteries

To others camera is an obvious thing to have but it is not. You need a good camera to help you take the best photos for your memories and make sure that you have extra batteries to help you in case of power shortage. The camera you choose to carry should be in position to accommodate all that you will shoot and it should be water resistant.

Plenty of drinking water and energy giving snacks

Self drives are adventurous in nature and if you plan to embark on long road trip, do not forget to carry enough drinking water and snacks. Remember that most stores or shops close early in rural areas and perhaps you may not find a supermarket and the best is for you to have your food and plenty of water packed. For snack lovers, make sure that you choose healthy ones.


A torch or lantern should be one thing to consider in your packing list for a self drive or regardless of safari. At night, it can be dark and most safari lodges have running generators which are also switched off early till again the next day. Head lamps are preferably the best if you do not want to bother yourself holding a torch.


Driving a vehicle doesn’t mean you don’t get affected by sun raises. Sunscreens are the essential as they help protect you from too much sun heat especially if you plan to embark on a Uganda self drive tour during the dry season.


Long sleeved shirt/t-shirts

Long sleeved shirts are very essential to consider in any trip including visitors on self drive/. They help protect your hands from falling branches, ants, stinging insects and others.

Rain jacket/poncho

Uganda lies a stride Equator and given its strategic location, visitors should expect rains at anytime and to be on safer side, rain jacket should be a must to include in your packing list for a self drive.

You may also need towel, plastic bag for dirty laundry/garbage, shorts, long pants, sweater, socks, gardening gloves to mention but a few.

Prepaid SimCard

If you plan to spend long period of time in Uganda then you need prepaid SimCard. This is to ease your connectivity given the poor network in some areas.

First aid kit/medical kit

Anything can happen while on holiday and given the limited hospitals or medical facilities in the rural areas where safaris are conducted, it is good idea that you have your first aid kit. This should include your basics for any illness or in case of any cut while hiking.


Road trip in Uganda is never complete without bird watching. With countless birding sites and over 1080 bird species, you won’t miss to spot many of these interesting creatures and that is why binoculars should be a must to have.


Do not look at this as the obvious. Toiletries are essential to include in your packing list for a self drive as they assist each time you go for wash room or areas of convenience. This means you should have hand sanitizers, rolls of toilet paper, shampoo and others.

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