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Long Term Rental Cars in Uganda – Cost, Price, when to Book and Hire Guide

Long term rental cars in Uganda are best way for you to get your dream destination with no hassle of owning or managing a fleet. What you ought to do is simply to get in touch with us and we shall be of great help to you. Our Long term rental cars are well-services. Maintained, have comprehensive insurance with 24 hour road assistance.

Long Term Rental Cars in UgandaOur long term rental cars can be hired for a period of one week or even a month. Besides, we even do contracted programs from various firms including government, business personnel or NGOs among others. Our long term rental cars allow you to enjoy discounts depending on how long you will be in the field.


Select from our fleet and enjoy your holiday;

  • Luxury Land Cruisers V8
  • 4×4 Toyota Prado-with sunroof
  • Toyota Land Cruisers Prado TZ
  • Roof Tent Land Cruiser V8
  • Roof Tent Land Cruiser Prado TZ
  • Super Custom
  • Safari Vans
  • 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top
  • 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top Extended

Benefits of long term rental cars in Uganda

Discounted rates

When hiring a car  in Uganda for long term period of time for instance one month to a year or even more, higher chances are you will be given a discount. Booking our cars on long term period means a great opportunity for you to enjoy total comfort, discounted rates compared to if you rented it on short term basis. At the end of the day, you discover that you have saved up to 30 percent on your car hire rate when you choose long term hire.

Flexible car hire terms and conditions

The advantage with long term rental cars in Uganda is that it is flexible. There are restrictions to specific terms and conditions and also it is easy and flexible to effect payments. Travelers also have liberty to operate in comfortable routine whether you have rented a car with driver or self drive Uganda. In other words, it gets you that feeling of car ownership and you are in position to do your programs at your own pace. Even when the contract is terminated, you won’t suffer from the heavy cancellation charges.

Wide range of car options to choose

Long term rental cars in Uganda allow you make the best choice from the many car rentals. You are in position to switch to another type of car or upgrade within the same rate. Most visitors even send in and specify the kind of car they need and they find it the fact that they need it for longer period of time. With our long term car hire in Uganda, it is our joy to see embark on a trip comfortably.

Full rental management

With long term car hire, you become the manager of your car from the start to end of your car hire period. In other words, you manage your movement including distance, mileage, driving time and other at no additional cost. Most car rental companies have online portals that you can visit for any kind of assistance.

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