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Fleet of Cars for Hire in Uganda

Explore Uganda is a comfortable way using one of our classic car rentals. Our fleet of cars for hire in Uganda come in different sizes, types but they are all within visitors’ pocket range. They range from saloon/sedan cars to luxurious Land Cruisers.

Fleet of Cars for Hire in Uganda

4×4 Toyota Rav4

Toyota Rav4 is a perfect car rental for self drive tours in Uganda. Our 4×4 Toyota Rav4 cars compact and they are ideal for budget travellers. They have adequate space for your cargo and best when it comes to fuel consumption. They take up to 4-5 people and have air conditioners, adequate space for your cargo. Our 4×4 Toyota Rav4 cars are the best if you have any plans to embark on family picnics, weekend getaway, self-drive tours, camping or business tours. They come at pocket friendly price.

Roof tent Land Cruisers V8/VX

Our Safari Land Cruises with Rooftop Tent and Adventure Camping gear are perfect for those of you who seek exploration with no boundaries.

Toyota Land Cruiser TX

Our 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers TX are the best cars to rent in Uganda. They accommodate about 5 visitors and consist of air conditioners. They come in both diesel and petrol-manual or automatic transmission.

Roof tent Land Cruisers Prado TZ

Roof Tent Land Cruisers Prado TZ is ideal for visitors on safari in Uganda. It is luxurious offering adequate space for your luggage and for you to relax. It features roof tent,

4X4 Toyota Prado with Sunroof

We have the 4×4 Toyota Prado for your safaris in Uganda. They accommodate up to five visitors with adequate room for your cargo.

Luxury Land Cruisers V8

Our luxury Land Cruisers V8 are best luxury large SUV Class. They are outstanding with due to their capability to navigate through all kinds of terrains. They have luxurious interior and they come in automatic transmission.

Toyota Prado 3.0 liter turbo

Book our exceptional Toyota Prado and get the best of your road trip in Uganda. Our Toyota Prado accommodates up to 5 people and they come with air conditioner. It comes both in manual and automatic transmission.

4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top

Hire Cars Uganda Ltd has the best 4 wheel drive Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top with exceptional condition. Our comfortable Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top car rentals accommodate between 6 and 9 people.  They come in manual transmission, spare tires, lift jack, mini fridge, and ideal for wildlife safaris.

4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top Extended

Get the best of your road trip in Uganda with our luxurious 4 wheel drive Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top Extended cars. If you are interested in wildlife tours then look no further than our Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top Extended. It is comfortable, accommodating between 6 and 8 people. This comes with mini fridge, air conditioner and you can get it at pocket friendly price.

Super Custom

Hire Cars Uganda provides the best and well-maintained Toyota Super Customs. Our comfortable Super Customs are very comfortable and they take about 8/9 people. They are diesel powered engines with AC, luxurious to offer you that total comfortable while on a road trip in Uganda.

Safari Vans

Our Mini Vans accommodate about 8 people. They consist of Air Conditioner, adequate space, pop up, roof rack and they are good for safaris in Uganda.

Saloon Cars

For any need for compact car rental in Uganda we have the best saloon cars for your road trips. Our wide array of saloon cars for hire in Uganda includes;

The Toyota Corona-with capacity of 4 and consist of air conditioner, airbags, CD player, and comes in manual or automatic transmission.

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