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Camping gear Uganda – Car hire with Camping Equipment in Uganda

Camping gear UgandaCamping gear Uganda with a car is exceptionally distinct and by far a unique way for visitors to get close to nature. Because it is a unique experience from other vacations, you do not just run out to a nearby store to pick what you left out, you need specific packing skills the fact that you will be in the wilderness and not in picnic tour.

Do you wish to go on a self drive trip in Uganda plus camping equipment? We have got you covered with our low rates from as low as $45 per day.

Some of the essential camping gears to consider in your packing list include;

Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is a must to pack gear when you think of camping trip in Uganda otherwise your holiday will be inconvenienced by cold nights. Sleep in a new style in the wilderness in Sierra Design’s Backcountry Bed 700/20 degrees sleeping bags. The amazing part about this particular sleeping bag is that it can regulate temperatures thus allowing you enjoy your night comfortably.

Sleeping pad

Sleeping pads/air mattresses do work best if you do not need sleeping bag. Most importantly, get a good thermarest’s NeoAir Xlite which is perfect especially for hikers. It is air mattress thus offering you that total warmth and comfort during cold nights on rockiest areas. It is light weight and uses patented reflective ThermaCapture technology that absorbs your body warmth and reduce heat loss.

Sleeping pad-car camping

When you think of camping trip think of your comfort too and that is why you get comfortable deluxe sleeping mat which comes in double size for couples on camping tour. It consists of R value of 5.2 and a 10cm vertical side wall which makes you look like a real mattress.


You need a good camping tent and preferably waterproof and the one that is easy to set up, assemble. Get in touch with our reservation team and we shall get you the best tent that suits your camping needs.


At the end of the day, you will need to rest and a pillow can do best work for you to rest your head. Make sure you get a soft and short in space pillow preferably Aeros pillow ultra light.


For relaxation purposes, you need a camping chair which also will serve best when you are eating or sitting around the fire. Get a chair that is easy to carry and that you can easily fold or assemble in seconds.


The fact that you will be in the wilderness, you need a good torch or lantern for camping. Preferably get the built in LED flashlight or carry solar charger to help you charge your phone.


In case you plan to come with food, make sure that you get something to safeguard it too from wildlife. You will be a bear resistant bag to help protect your food stuffs from rodents and other wildlife.

Cooking set

Do not forget to come with utensils and pans for you to prepare food. As well, come with a dish of sponge for scrubbing. Other items to carry include camping stove, instant coffee, cups, water bottle, kettle, garbage bags, plates to mention but a few.

Clothing and footwear for camping

You need good clothing and footwear in case you plan to embark on camping tour. Most importantly, pack good hiking boots, walking shoes, shirts or t-shirts, shorts, rain jackets, flip flops, hat, socks, sweater, blankets and many others.

Camping gear-for hygiene reasons

When packing for camping trip do not forget to consider your hygiene too. Therefore, do not leave out wet wipes, dry shampoos, hand sanitizers, quick dry towel, biodegradable soap, camping shower, toothbrush and paste and others.


  • Trash bags
  • First aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellents
  • Trash bags
  • First aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellents
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